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Detox Negativity 2020

Any form of negativity holds you back from being the best version of yourself. Sometimes we are unconscious of all the negative things that consume our everyday lives. The negativity on the news or social media has a subconscious influence on the mind. Overhearing negative conversations also has a negative energy transaction that can throw individuals' energy.  The pollution in the air and an unhealthy diet forms a negative imbalance within the body.  Negativity in thought patterns also affects the mind and body. A long list of unconscious negativity can disturb your energy. The key is to start becoming consciously aware of the negative aspects that are not serving your life and remove them. I call this a spiritual detox! 

Intentionally becoming aware of your life and lifestyle choices is the first step in transformation. Detoxing also requires discipline and will power! Do not worry spirit is always guiding in the best way to go about your detox. Try not to be so hard if you cannot fully commit. When you become aware, look at what is working for your mind, body, spirit, career, and relationships. Then observe what is not working. You can tell if something is working when you have peace and well being.  Be open to internal guidance to detox what is not working out in your life! How to become receptive to your inner guidance or intuition is by meditating. Meditation is a spiritual practice used to quiet your mind and rejuvenate your whole being. Meditation opens you up to your true self or true potential. It creates space and guidance for the Divine to flow through your consciousness. It also opens you up to your heart and gut knowing. The more you meditate you will be able to define the internal wisdom. 

     I am doing a spiritual detox as I write this blog. All of 2020 has been a year of detoxification of what no longer serves me. I have been detoxing my diet, old stale emotions, relationships, and negative patterns. In the past few weeks, I decided to dive deeper. I have deleted my social media apps temporarily. Of course, when I post this blog, I will be active on the apps. As of right now, I needed some space to feed my energy. I notice being on social media can drain me when not being used appropriately. I  use it for inspiration and business, but it is easy to get distracted in everyone's energy. Everything you see online has an energetic transaction with your consciousness. Make sure you view uplifting and positive post online. 

It is day 10 of my spiritual detox, and I feel way better mentally. I do not feel the pressure to care about what is going on with everyone else. I am more peaceful and creative. I have had more time in my daily life.  I dod not notice how much time I wasted on my phone until I took this break. My physical state has been elevating due to more energy! I have spent more time incorporating Aerobics into my daily routine on top of my daily yoga. I have been putting more time and energy into my daily meals. It has been fun focusing my energy on myself and my family.  I have deeper self-love and realize more of my inner and outward beauty! I will continue my spiritual detox and grow in self-love daily. When I feel ready and stable within, I will incorporate social media into my life again! Social media has many positive benefits. I have been using these platforms to grow my business. I have to be mindful of how I use the energy of social media. When social media is used productively, it can benefit me and others.

The second step in a spiritual detox is to create a routine that fits your lifestyle and be open to flexibility! Mine consists of meditation or yoga every morning. I try to gain some form of knowledge everyday by reading. I eat something that nourishes my mind and body. I make time for relaxation. That is my meditation, nap, and yoga time. Or it could be watching a movie or something uplifting. I make time to feed my joy. Playing with my sons lights up my heart easily. I make time for nature a couple of times a week.  The environment of nature fills the whole being with wellness. It naturally detoxes toxins out of the mind and body. .I detox out anything that disturbs my peace or well being.  I also make time for some form of creativity. These are gifts and talents God has blessed me with to be used for the benefit of others. This routine nourishes my well being so I can handle mom life, relationships, house duties, and my business.  Overall,  this how I rejuvenate my being! Feel free to use these tips as a guide to elevate your life! Share and comment. Peace, Love, and Abundant Blessings!

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