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Master Self

In everyday life, there are so many outward distractions in the world that takes the attention off the eternal self. These distractions from the world lead to self-hate, jealousy, fear, worry, and lack. When the focus is on the inner self it leads to well being, peace, love, harmony, abundance, and joy. Being disconnected from the true self affects the quality of the individual's health. When the attention is not inward, the person does not notice what the body needs to be well. They run themselves until a major alert goes off in the body to wake the person up. The alert warning could be a mental, physical, or emotional issue. Before I healed myself from an anxiety state, my attention was too much on the outer world. I also had my mind in the imaginary future. The anxiety developed from overworking myself mentally and physically. I lacked self-control of my own will power to make the best decisions for my well being. When you are always focusing your attention outward, the voice of intuition is quieter. The anxiety-filled mind was making the choices for me. That went on for a while until the panic attacks came. At that moment, I instantly had a wake-up call from my eternal self or The Divine Higher Power! I knew it was time to do things differently. I started to listen to what my inner being needed. The best way to become a master of self is to quite the psychological mind and be in the moment. You will be surprised how much guidance flows to you in the silence. Higher thoughts of steps to take will appear. Thoughts from the stillness of the Divine are more subtle than the thoughts of the busy mind. They touch your heart and, you know they are right for you. Make space every day for quietness in some form. It can be meditation or, it can be just simply turning off all the noise around you and bask in the silence of now. Silence holds power! The silent self is the real self. To become a master of silence is key in becoming a master of self.

The next key of the mastering self is mastering attention. Whatever you bring your focus to grows and manifest in your reality. If the attention is all over the place, then imagine what you are manifesting daily. The key is to keep bringing your attention back to your inner silent self. When the looking is within, you can not go wrong. You can decipher what is right or wrong for your health and life. The psychological mind improves and calms down. Thoughts are not as busy because you are not chasing the movement of the mind. Instead, you observe thoughts and let them go.

Love your inner self more than anything else and, you will see how much your outer world takes care of itself. You have the power of the internal world, not the external world. Being silent within and intentionally present is how you master yourself. Please feel free to comment and share! Peace and abundant blessing to all!

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