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Power of Meditation

Meditation is a beautifully relaxing and healing tool for the mind, body, and spirit. It is an essential practice for a peaceful, happy life. Through breathe work, stillness, and awareness, a calm state arises that nourishes the whole being. Meditation also brings a Divine gift of self-connection and self-realization. Different forms of meditation can all bring about the same peaceful result.

Meditation has elevated my life in many ways. It has removed anxiety out of my mind and body. It is a practice that I make time for every day. The main point of meditation is to get awareness focused on the present moment. The present moment is when you feel the connection to God's source energy. When I am present, I see and feel the love that surrounds me, and that is me. It makes me remember that nothing else is more important than this moment. Being in the moment has helped my manifestation abilities. When you are present, it means you're consciously aware of what energies you are sending out to the Universe. Being conscious and on higher positive energies automatically manifest greatness into the Universe. Remember you're always manifesting whether you are aware of it or not. Meditation trains your mind to be in a conscious state even when you're not physically sitting down in practice. Consciously being present also gives you full access to your intuition or higher self. Being one with my higher self makes me in-tune with what is best for my life. In the last two years, I have attracted so many beautiful blessings in my life just by the awareness I have gained from meditation practices.

Meditation has made me aware that I am not just this physical body, but I am a Divine spirit. The spirit within is one with the whole Universe. When in a meditated state of awareness, I feel the energy flowing through my being and the energy of space around me. After a mediation session, I feel rejuvenated. Meditation is amazing for the vitality of the body. Meditation has the power to heal the physical body of ailments. There have been studies shown that meditation can rewire and change DNA. The awareness of meditation flows in all areas of your life. You become aware of the best decisions to make for your mind, body, and spirit. The power to heal, change, and elevate your life is all from within. The more you meditate, you will come in direct contact with that power. I would love to hear your comments on meditation. Please feel free to ask questions on how to develop your practice. Peace and Love <3

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