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Prevent Mommy Burnout (Enjoy Motherhood!)

Hey beautiful moms! Lavia here, sending you so much love, light, positive energy, and strength. I'm so proud of how hard you work and the love you give out daily. Being a mom is the most beautiful, honorable, and strengthen job in a woman's life. Motherhood comes with no days off. Consistent parenting can take a toll on the mother's mental, physical, and spiritual well being if she does not take care of herself. If the mother neglects herself for a long time, she can become burnt out. Being burnt out is a feeling of low energy daily, emotionally feeling unhappy, and mentally mind fogged. These feelings can vary from mother to mother. I have experienced burnout out once before I was a mother and, it was an unpleasant experience. I overworked myself to the point where anxiety and panic attacks came. I was unhappy and not enjoying life. Built-up stress takes a toll on your health and experience of life. I vowed to myself that I will not neglect myself like that ever again. I have been a mother of twins for 14 months and, self-care is a must. Before my pregnancy, I had a self-care regimen that I continued into pregnancy and motherhood. The regimen began to look a bit different when my sons were physically born. I have to use my free time or downtime wisely now. I meditate and do yoga daily for at least fifteen to twenty minutes as apart of my motherhood downtime. Meditation is awareness of one's self. It is truly being in the moment of your energy. In meditation, you have a full observation of the mind, body, and spirit. It is a natural healing tool. Meditation brings peace and rejuvenation to the being. Yoga also brings self awareness to the mind, body, and spirit. Through breath-work and body movement you gain peace of mind and a relaxed body. You also connect and gain control over your body and breathe. Meditation and yoga are very calming and do not add any extra stress to motherhood. You also carry the calmness and present awareness of these practices throughout your day. Aerobic exercise is also apart of my self-care regimen at least once or twice a week. My self-care may not be as long as it used to be but, I make it a priority. Another part of my self-care regimen is being self-aware of my diet. Eating healthy is not an option. I have to nurture my body. Being a mother and balancing life takes a lot of energy and can be stressful on your body. A healthy diet will fuel your energy instead of taking it away. I also changed my diet to be a positive influence on my son's eating habits. Eating healthy also strengthens your gut health, immunity, mental, emotional well being, and connection to spirit. We mothers have to build ourselves up in every way possible. Some days can be challenging when your juggling multiple roles, but have self-compassion for yourself. Know that your not alone, all moms get tired. Make sure your taking small rest breaks between activities and going to bed early at night. If it gets to a point where you are overwhelmed ask for help. As moms, we can feel we can do it all (which we can ), but not at the risk of your sanity and health. It wise not to wait until you burnout to get a break. Make a habit of doing something for yourself daily and getting a small break away from your children at least once a week. Once a month, I treat myself to something big, for example, a massage. Massages help to get the tension out of the body from physical and emotional stress. Since I am a level 2 Reiki Energy Healer, I do healing on myself to balance my chakras and overall health. If I want to treat myself, I pay another professional to do my services. It is also comforting to vent and talk with another healer professional. These therapeutic expenses are essential to release the build-up of stress. Mommy burnout is real and is not pleasant for you or your children. The mother needs to be healthy, whole, and happy to fulfill her motherhood duties. I do know there are periods of motherhood where being tired is not an option. The newborn stage is one of them, which is a crucial time to ask for help. When my boys were that young, I did not hesitate to get help when others offered. I also made sure I kept myself mentally powerful. I prayed and still pray every day. I counted my blessing and lived in the moment. It is also imperative to enjoy the extraordinary baby or babies you created during the newborn phase and all phases of motherhood. These are lifestyle tools I use every day of my motherhood journey. This journey is continuous and requires us, mothers, to stay on top of everything. Our self-care regimens need to be consistent and effective. The self-care regimen also needs to be changed to fit the quality of your life. Create your self-care regimen to feed your soul and fit your motherhood lifestyle. Make time to have fun and express your creativity. You do not have to lose yourself when you become a mother. If you implement a self-care regimen, you can balance motherhood and other responsibilities with grace. Love yourself, moms!

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