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Twin Mom Life

Here I am 10 months into motherhood,twin-mom life is mind-blowing to me every day. Being a mother to two beautiful human beings has been so strengthening. When I first found out I was pregnant with twins, I could not believe God would give me such a responsibility. I knew that being a mother is an honor. From pregnancy and every day of motherhood, I put so much love into my sons. Twin motherhood or motherhood is not for the weak. My first few months into motherhood pushed me into my inner power. Taking care of two babies will teach you ultimate strength, patience, and flexibility. I still can not believe I took care of two newborns. There were many nights of lack of sleep and a lot of prayers, but I did it. It is amazing how the mother naturally adapts and knows how to take care of her children. Motherhood has shown me that anything is possible, and I can achieve anything. Yes, it comes with its challenges , but I am equipped for this path.

The only time mom-life challenges me the most is when I don’t take time out to nourish myself. When I am aligned mind, body, and spirit, it is easier for me to remain grounded and have patience in all areas of my life. I also realized I could not use motherhood as an excuse to stop doing things that I like to do. It is about making sacrifices and being flexible to change. I am also required to communicate with my partner or use other avenues to help to get my space. I vowed to myself when I became pregnant that I wouldn’t lose myself in motherhood. I told myself that I can still take care of my sons, myself, and go after all my dreams. I know that I am the creator of my reality, and I will continue to manifest the best motherhood experience for myself. Yes, there have been moments of motherhood where I have clung to inner strength, but I can honestly say I love being a mom and everything that comes with it! My sons have given me such purpose and deeper meaning of love. The Mothers Wellness Class I have coming up will guide moms into their technique of how to live a happy, healthy, and balanced life. I am not or will never be the perfect mom, but I found what has worked for me thus far and want to pass on wisdom to other moms. The mom support group is also an opportunity for me to learn from and bond with other moms. Motherhood is a continuous learning journey, and I am willing to hear and incorporate anything that will make my motherhood experience better.

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